About Us

Kathmandu Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is an industrial company established in 2018 A. D. We believe in giving helpful, friendly expert advice and service in engine repair and maintenance. We have a wealth of experience in a wide range of engines and we have highly advanced and automated equipments to ensure highest possible quality standards.

It is our aim to provide a quality service at competitive rated for customers in the field of an engine repair and maintenance.

Message from CEO

It is entirely our pleasure welcoming you to Kathmandu Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd.. Thank you so very much for coming.

The world we live in is transforming. Global markets are at the threshold of change. In the next decade, industries will experience more transformation than what they experienced ever before. New technologies, processes, products and services will emerge.

Against this backdrop, the world of Manufacturing, and Automobiles and Hydraulics in particular, has significant challenges and opportunities. 
Nepal is emerging as a global hub for auto component sourcing.The country is also emerging as a sourcing hub for engine components.
The rapid boom in Nepalese infrastructure industry, along with the more moderate growth of the manufacturing sector, has stabilized the demand for hydraulic components in Nepal.
We aim to continue building strong relationships with our customers and become their trusted partner of choice. We are continuously improving our capabilities. All of this would, however, be nothing if we did not try to stay abreast, at least, of emerging trends, methods and techniques. The really satisfying thing is that all our hard work is paying off. People and companies trust us and keep coming back.

Moving forward, our goal is simple. We look forward to working with our customers by listening to their challenges, understanding the needs and opportunities and responding accordingly with the very capable team we have here at Kathmandu Auto Engineering Pvt. Ltd..

In closing, we appreciate the interest and trust of our customers. We will continue our endeavor to improve quality and living standards of the community we live in, and enhance prosperity and happiness for our customers, employees, vendors, stakeholders, and our family members. Do write to us of your experiences with KAE – experiences that have delighted you and areas where we can improve, we can grow – we would be grateful for your valuable feedback.

Yours sincerely,

Lakshman Lama